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Enabling AMD’s AMF Encoder

AMD’s AMF encoder requires their proprietary packages, which are only packaged for a select few Linux distributions.

The AMD official AMF encoder requires their official vulkan driver, so in order to utilize that you will first need to install the vulkan switcher tool:


*This package is already provided by Nobara*, so simply install it if need:

sudo dnf install -y amdgpu-vulkan-switcher

Next, to enable the encoder on Nobara, you will need to install the required AMDGPU-PRO Vulkan and AMF runtime proprietary packages. AMD officially only supports a few commercial distributions, so we have to make our own packages.

To do this, find the ‘Welcome to Nobara’ application in your menu and run it. Click on the ‘optional steps’ section, and click the first ‘Launch’ button next to “Install the proprietary AMD drivers”:

Next, click ‘Yes’:
Then accept the EULA terms:
Now enable only the amdamf-pro-runtime and amdvlk-pro components and press ‘OK’:

Next, you will need to open a terminal and regenerate dracut, then reboot:

sudo dracut -f --regenerate-all
sudo reboot

Finally, you will then need to launch OBS or FFMPEG with vk_pro from the terminal:

vk_pro obs

In OBS open settings > output. At the top where it says ‘Output Mode’ change the dropdown to ‘Advanced’. This should allow you to use many more options for encoding (which include the AMF encoder):

For more details on using OBS + Game Capture + AMD AMF, please see:

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