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libxslt-devel conflict

Nobara can now be upgraded to version 36

You will hit this issue due to libxslt-devel.i686 being an unnecessary accidental package install on the original ISO disk:

Error: Transaction test error:
file /usr/share/doc/libxslt-devel/EXSLT/devhelp/Makefile conflicts between attempted installs of libxslt-devel-1.1.35-1.fc36.x86_64 and libxslt-devel-1.1.35-1.fc36.i686

It is safe to remove it and it’s unused dependencies:

sudo dnf remove libxslt-devel.i686 -y

After this you can update:

sudo dnf update --refresh
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=36
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

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