July 19 2022

– Remove most of the Fedora branding from installer, plymouth bootloader screen, /etc/os-release/ gnome about, and various other places
– Installer now defaults to using LVM instead of Btrfs (Btrfs is still available as an option).
– Mouse acceleration disabled by default in Nobara Official build
– gtk-hint-font-metrics=1 set for GNOME and Nobara Official builds to fix blurry font issue:https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/issues/3787
– Dash to panel mouse click action changed to toggle single/preview multiple in Nobara Official
– adw-gtk3 installed on all builds so gtk3 apps look like they are using libadwaita and all apps look the same.
– windows pre-configured to appear in the center of the screen by default in Nobara Official build
– Dash to panel indicator style for focused apps changed to dashes and unfocused apps to squares for cleaner cosmetic look in Nobara Official
– Arc Menu button size increased to match other icons in Nobara Official
– Nautilus terminal configured to not show by default in GNOME and Official builds, can be toggled show/hide with F4.
– Fixed nvidia hardware check so it should no longer come up during live install.
– Added inkscape to all builds to allow .svg file editing
– Added Gnome Tweaks to GNOME and Official builds
– Added setroubleshootd for better selinux resolutions to be provided should an selinux related denial occur.
– Added missing gnome-icon-theme to GNOME and Official builds
– Added vulkan-tools to all builds to allow OOTB vulkan testing and detection scripts (such as vkcube)
– Swapped to pavucontrol instead of -qt to resolve some graphical glitches within the application
– Removed ugly colorwheel loader image from yumex-dnf