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Known Issues

The linux kernel comes with a basic xpad driver for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, however the functionality of this driver is very limited.

We provide an package called ‘nobara-controller-config’ which can be run from the system terminal. This application provides both


and xone:

  • xpadneo provides bluetooth support
  • xone provides wired and wireless dongle support.
  • both drivers provide better support for force feedback/rumble/battery indicators and other additional features that do not work correctly in the standard kernel xpad driver.

*In some newer Xbox Series X|S controllers bluetooth may go into a connect/disconnect loop. If this happens, you will need to connect your controller to an Xbox or Windows PC and update the firmware on the controller. After updating the firmware it should connect properly via bluetooth.

*These drivers may conflict and/or not work correctly with some 3rd party controllers.

* These drivers are also specifically for the Xbox One controller, not the Xbox 360 controller.

As mentioned, you can run ‘nobara-controller-config’ from the terminal in order to install and/or remove these drivers and their firmware.

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