July 25 2022

– Official: Dash to panel: move the date menu one to the right so it is at the end of the taskbar.
– Official: Dash to panel: tray item padding changed to 6px.
– Official: Dash to panel: the taskbar size reduced to 43px.
– Official: Arc menu: menu icon reduced to 29px to fit new taskbar size and fix blurryness
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: enable sort folders before files by default
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: enable create link by default
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: icon zoom default changed to 50%, most distros do this.
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: “Text File” template created for all users at /home/username/Templates/. This enables the option for right click->New Document->Text File
– Official: Clipboard History: Clipboard History extension https://extensions.gnome.org//extension/4839/clipboard-history/ installed by default.
– Official: Clipboard History: for privacy reasons, private mode enabled by default, this means it wont copy anything unless privacy mode is turned off, however there will still be an icon in the taskbar which makes it easy to enable.
– Official + Gnome: Also adw-gtk3 is installed but was not being used by default. This has been fixed
– Official + Gnome + KDE: Fedora wallpaper packages removed so Gnome and KDE will use their respective defaults. (Official uses Gnome).
– Official + Gnome + KDE: plasma-breeze packages installed on all ISOs because Kdenlive needs it in order to not look like a potato.
– Official + Gnome + KDE: gstreamer1-vaapi package added for compatibility with obs-gstreamer-vaapi plugin. (plugin will soon be added to our OBS build by default)