August 18 2022


  • rocm-opencl added — Allows Davinci Resolve to work on a clean install (Thank you Cosmo for all the ROCM work!!!)
  • als-plugins-pulseaudio added — Fixes 1 second audio delay in Davinci Resolve
  • rocm-hip packages added — Allows Blender to work with GPU rendering on AMD on clean install (Thank you Cosmo for all the ROCM work!!!)
  • latest Blender alpha compiled with HIP support — tested HIP GPU rendering works but may crash on first try (it is an alpha)
  • default office suite changed from LibreOffice to OnlyOffice for better template compatibility and cloud service support (Thanks to The Linux Experiment on YT and Kassin from DXVK Discord)
  • removed qgnomeplatform theme packages (they were breaking OBS and other QT package theming:
  • qt5ct added, appmenu-qt5 removed from GNOME and Official builds for more theming compatibility (Thanks Cosmo)
  • fixed broken shim that was causing ISO USB boot failures on some older systems (
  • Removed the nautilus-terminal plugin from Official iso because it has a problem with crashing when toggling show hidden files
  • OBS theming is completely fixed now
  • OBS gstreamer plugin now supports device choice for VAAPI encoder if you have multiple VAAPI gpu devices (such as amd/amd laptop or intel/amd desktop)
  • xwayland patched with vsync fps limit bug fix: (
  • lutris updated to latest release