August 23 2022


– Simpledrm disabled in kernel. This was originally enabled in Fedora upstream and causes several current problems with Nvidia drivers. By disabling this we can freely swap between rpmfusion and/or negativo17 without worrying about needing extra kernel boot options or touching user grub configurations. This should also allow Nvidia users to boot the live USB environments without needing nomodeset.

– Nvidia installer now uses pkcon to install packages (this is the same way gnome-software and kde-discover install packages). This avoids possible points of failure by not requiring the installer to need sudo password input to install the required packages. No password input required = no failure due to invalid passwords or parsing passwords with non-standard characters.

– Anaconda installer will no longer make a separate /home partition for default LVM installations. After several users complained about their root being small and not knowing about these defaults, let alone how to change them in the installer, it was decided for user convenience that we would just let root have all the space and not use a separate partition for /home in the LVM partition layout.

– Steam Tinker Launch package added to all builds