December 5, 2022


-remove duplicate ksysguard system monitor package: done
-remove global fedora theme: done — replaced with Nobara theme (clone of BreezeDark)
-Remove the SDDM theme from Fedora: done (now set to Breeze)
-change icon to nobara icon
-add plasma-workspace-wallpapers as dependency for plasma-workspace
-install plasma-workspace-wallpapers by default so KDE users have the full set of KDE default wallpapers available
-enable the default “View/Hide Password” on SDDM
-add sddm-kcm for sddm options in kde settings

-webextension-gsconnect and nautilus-gsconnect added to default install
-mutter updated to resolve freeze with protonup-qt

-we now provide our own packaged nvidia drivers (still using the nvidia installer) which provide full CUDA H264/H265 encode support for Nvidia hardware in Davinci Resolve Studio. Previously this did not work with rpmfusion OR negativo17 drivers. Details on that can be found here:
-added workaround to fix Davinci Resolve audio delay without alsa-plugins-pulseaudio being needed
-added workaround so that Davinci Resolve first-install ‘Welcome’ window/onboarding popup gets skipped since it never renders properly and is not required.
-remove no longer needed alsa-plugins-pulseaudio (previously only needed to fix a Davinci Resolve bug but broke other things)
-we’ve disabled SELinux and instead replaced it with AppArmor (woohoo! AppArmor is more user friendly, easier to write policies for, and is what’s used in Ubuntu and OpenSUSE)
-timeshift added to all installs
-protonup-qt has been updated
-firefox has been updated

-Anaconda installer replaced with calamares
-btrfs default install options provide @ and @home subvolumes for easy use with timeshift for backups

This should be the final Nobara 36 ISO release, as we’ll be moving on to porting everything to F37 now.