Feb 22, 2023


This is a small ISO refresh update so that it has the latest nvidia installer changes which should be a much better user experience:

– Fixed up the nvidia installer:
-no longer refreshes repos before attempting to install
-no longer attempts kernel update + reboot before install (this shouldn’t be necessary anyway)
-no longer attempts to check for old nvidia repos (in N37 we only use 1 repo for nvidia drivers, which is our own. No rpmfusion, no negativo17.)
-new status dialogue now shows terminal progress of what’s being installed (thanks cosmo)
-5 second wait timer before opening removed

Other changes:
– nautilus typeahead search re-added (it broke when gnome 43 released and finally received a rebase)
– Removed the AMD ROCM pop-up installer. The goal is to not bombard new users with post-installation popups. We already have the codec popup and the nvidia installer. Instead, we’ve moved the rocm-opencl package back to part of the base installation. This is what’s needed to allow Davinci Resolve to run out of the box. Then we added rocm-meta and the rocm hip packages as a requirement for blender, as those are required for blender to install. Doing it this way allows users to not have the extra rocm bloat on their system other than rocm-opencl. The reason we can’t include the rocm HIP runtime is because the packages perform post-install configurations which break the live environment build.