April 17, 2023


– fixed MediaTek wifi/bluetooth not loading bluetooth firmware
– fixed MediaTek wifi/bluetooth occasionally not coming up after reboot and requiring hard power cycle
– fixed calamares installer running post-install grub2-mkconfig against /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg instead of /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
– fixed lutris “Stop” on game causing crash to login in both X and Wayland
– fixed broken fcitx5-qt conflict after updating qt6-qtbase
– fixed qt6-qtbase missing zstd support
– fixed issue with ‘dnf copr enable’ not recognizing Nobara as the distro name
– fixed custom-device-pollrates.service being enabled by default (should now be disabled)
– added ‘Update System’ button to Nobara Package Manager (yumex)
– changed ‘Update & Sync’ application name to ‘Update System’
– changed ‘Update & Sync’ in Nobara welcome app to ‘Update System’
– updated mangohud to latest 0.6.9
– updated mesa-vulkan-drivers to 2023-04-14 28cb33f git
– updated lenovo legion kernel patches
– updated linux-surface kernel patches