Aug 30,2023

– All standard ISOs other than Steam Deck edition updated with recent repository fixes. This means no more excludes are being used and no more uninstallable packages listed as “upgrades” in various package/software managers. GNOME Software and KDE Discover should be usable now. There may be a few packages that get downgraded after a fresh installation (such as llvm), but that will be fixed in another update.

Why wasn’t the Steam Deck ISO updated?
> I’m currently working on updating the kernel with new HDR patches, as well as updating gamescope. I wanted those to be done before refreshing the Steam Deck ISOs.

What about the repositories from previous installations?
> Nothing needs to be done on previous installations other than updating as you normally would (using ‘Update System’. The repository fixes have already been applied via package updates. Current Nobara users have already received the updates, the ISO refresh was simply to reflect the updates within the latest ISOs.

*NOTE: In Nobara Package Manager under ‘Updates’, if there is a package listed that you cannot install, please let me know. This means the package is coming from fedora or fedora-updates when it should not be.