September 03 2022


-yumex-dnf icon updated, added to taskbar, named ‘Nobara Package Manager’
-bauh icon updated, added to taskbar, named ‘Flatpak/Snap/AppImage/Webapp Manager’
-bauh now replaces both kde-discover and gnome-software. Explanation provided in discord as follows:
gnome-software (did not test kde on this, but likely the same) skips 32 bit packages when it uses pkcon as the backend because the ~arch option isnt applied for 32 bit packages. thats very bad for gaming on wine and steam. additionally as mentioned it throws all the repos for flatpak and the distro together so its one jarbled mess. A new user might go to install something like steam or discord, not know theres a dropdown to choose OS or flatpak, then wonder why their shit is broken. With yumex-dnf specifically handling Nobara OS packages and Bauh handling everything else, it provides a clear distinction between OS packages and non-OS packages.

i’ll be clear here i quite literally dont want people using gnome-software or kde-discover specifically because of the issues I mentioned.
-i2c packages added (needed for OpenRGB)
-setroubleshoot popup notices turned off (notices are still logged in the application). The popup was turned off so that it doesn’t interrupt games and/or falsely cause users alarm. SELinux runs in passive mode — meaning it won’t block anything that isn’t a major issue, and it still logs something if it was supposed to be blocked. Many users don’t understand this and think an setroubleshootd popup is something they need to fix immediately or worry about. We don’t want to cause users to panic for no reason. Permissive SELinux has a specific set of targets that it will still block if important and in the target list, and can be easily toggled enforcing/permissive/disabled in /etc/selinux/config followed by a reboot.
-OBS build updated to latest release
-AMD AMF encoder added to OBS (see this to install the AMF required drivers: