September 16, 2022

– Downgraded Blender to 3.3 Release (was on 3.4 nightly/experimental) now that HIP support has been officially added. Stable release is a bit less crashy than 3.4 nightly
– Added x11 fractional scaling patches from Ubuntu to gnome Mutter and enabled fractional scaling for both x11 and Wayland (wayland already had an experimental implementation that just needed to be enabled) in gnome. This should provide much better DPI scaling. It can be controlled via the scaling slider in the display settings.
– supergfxctl added as backend service for laptops to have swappable gpu support. Modes in Wayland are Integrated, Hybrid. Modes in x11 are Integrated, Hybrid, Dedicated. This service does not run if an iGPU+dGPU setup is not detected. Dedicated mode is x11 only (wayland is not capable of using any kind of X11 xorg configurations so it cannot render using the dGPU alone).
– supergfxctl KDE plasmoid tray indicator and GNOME extension both added, configured to only show/be enabled on laptops.
– package manager changes have been reverted back to using gnome-software/kde-discover. Yumex-dnf and bauh removed. Unfortunately yumex-dnf and bauh just had too many nontrivial bugs and were not providing a good experience for new users.