Mar 4, 2023

– fixed flatpak-discover missing from KDE iso
– calamares installer “Replace a partition” option fixed. Nobara can now be installed alongside other existing installs on the same hard disk
– calamares installer encryption default now uses LUKS2 instead of LUKS1. LUKS2 now supported in calamares
– fixed issue with display randomly cutting out in Virtual Machine environments
– mesa updated to 23.0.0
– kernel updated to 6.1.14
– gamescope-session ‘Switch to Desktop’ functionality now works with both GNOME and KDE. Please note that gamescope-session does not work on Nvidia.
– jupiter-hw-support and jupiter-fan-control packages added to repositories for Steam Deck compatibility.
– nvidia installer now uses DKMS module instead of akmods, which means no longer having to wait up to 600 seconds before rebooting.
– nvidia installer now uses dnf instead of pkexec so that the latest package data is used when installing packages, it’s also easier to read in the installer log output.
– AMD proprietary driver stack updated. When installed (we do not ship them pre-installed), it allows 7000 series GPUs to use H.264/HEVC AMF encoding in OBS. Please note that you can already do this using the VAAPI encoder in OBS and the proprietary drivers are completely optional/not required.
– WEBSITE: fixed code blocks using white text and being illegible
– WEBSITE: added documentation on how to install Nobara alongside windows on the same hard disk: