March 21, 2023

Nobara repository changes:

Moving forward, Nobara will take a monthly snapshot of Fedora’s base and update repositories, which will be provided to Nobara users as the standard ‘fedora’ and ‘updates’ repositories. The packages in these repos are considered non-vital in terms of needing an update more than once a month.

There are a few reasons behind this:

(1) It provides a stop-gap when fedora upstream pushes package updates and therefore allows us (Nobara developers) time to update the copr packages we provide either in replacement of and/or reliant-on the upstream packages. What this means is Nobara users should (mostly) no longer hit package conflicts when upstream Fedora updates things like GNOME or KDE or various media codec packages.

(2) We have moved the repositories to Cloudflare CDN + R2 (Same as S3 buckets for Amazon). This means all of the repositories should be much easier to reach since they now are behind a cloud based CDN instead of a singular server, and therefore should mean much less downtime and/or server issues.

Again I want to be clear here that the monthly stop-gap between snapshots is for NON-VITAL components from ONLY fedora upstream.

Users will still receive the latest updates we are able to provide in terms of kernel updates, mesa/nvidia gpu driver updates, wine, lutris, goverlay, mangohud, and so on.

We have moved all of our repos — baseos (copr), appstream to the same CDN + R2 setup, however these will be kept updated regularly as we push updates, -not- on the same cadence as the monthly fedora upstream snapshots.

If you happen to find a vital component that needs an update from fedora upstream that is not in the current snapshot, please let us know, it is quite easy to update the snapshot, it just takes a bit of time (fedora upstream repo is 100gb to sync, and fedora updates is 45gb)

Nobara ISO image changes:

We have also uploaded the ISO images to the CDN + R2 configuration. This should allow the ISOs to be more accessible and not so dependant on user location for download connection speeds.

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