March 30, 2023

– Updated Nvidia installer to provide option to remove drivers
– Updated Nvidia drivers to 525.109.17
– Updated Codec installer to use same format/prompts as Nvidia installer (this looks much cleaner)
– gamescope updated using new repository (
– kernel updated to 6.2.8
– mesa updated to 23.0.1
– mesa-vulkan-drivers updated to ca4ec49b0e0f51a3245c924ab50379673f11abfb
– custom-device-pollrates.service has been disabled by default due to some users having issues with USB devices not coming up after the USB device refresh. If you need your PS5 USB-connected controller to have 1000Hz device pollrate you will need to re-enable this service:

systemctl enable --now custom-device-pollrates

– fedora-repos and nobara-repos modified to use new CDN and S3 buckets. fedora-repos now using Nobara repo snapshots (see here for more details on repo changes: )
– lutris updated to latest git
– protonup-qt updated to latest git