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Using Game Capture

We provide https://github.com/nowrep/obs-vkcapture as the obs-studio-gamecapture package.

  1. Please note that for Nvidia cards you need driver version 515 or newer due to the Nvidia proprietary driver missing support for VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf Vulkan extension in older versions. Without this extension nvidia cards do not work with Game Capture.
  2. First you need to launch the game using ‘obs-gamecapture’, like so:

    obs-gamecapture somegame

    For example, to use this with a steam game in the game’s steam command options:

    obs-gamecapture %command%

  3. Launch OBS. If you are using X11/Xorg instead of Wayland, you will need to open a terminal and launch OBS with OBS_USE_EGL=1:

    OBS_USE_EGL=1 obs
  4. Then in OBS click the + icon under the ‘Sources’ list and choose ‘Game Capture’, then press ‘OK’. You do not need to pick any kind of window, it will auto-capture when the game is launched.

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