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Using Game Capture

We provide https://github.com/nowrep/obs-vkcapture as the obs-studio-gamecapture package.

  1. Please note that for Nvidia cards you need driver version 515 or newer. due to the Nvidia proprietary driver missing support for VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf Vulkan extension in older versions.

  2. We have modified the separate Vulkan and OpenGL capture commands into a single obs-gamecapture command that you can use, like so:

    obs-gamecapture somegame

    For example, to use this with a steam game in the game’s steam command options:

    obs-gamecapture %command%

  3. Please note that if you are using the AMD AMF encoder in OBS (see instructions here first), you must make sure to launch OBS with vk_pro, and your game with whatever driver you want (you can mix them!):

    vk_radv %command%

    vk_pro %command%

    vk_amdvlk %command%

    As noted, first launch OBS with the pro driver:
    vk_pro obs

    Then, run the game with the open source radv driver:

    RADV + Game Capture:
    vk_radv obs-gamecapture %command%

    + MangoHud:
    mangohud vk_radv obs-gamecapture %command%

    Right click the game > configure. Next click the “System Options” tab. At the bottom, check the “Show advanced options” box.

    In the “Vulkan ICD Loader” drop down, select the “AMD RADV Open Source” option.

    In the “Command prefix” text box, enter obs-gamecapture

    Enable the “FPS Counter (MangoHud)” option.

    Then add your “Game Capture” source into OBS!
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