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Troubleshooting Remote Play

If you are using Nobara SteamDeck Edition on an HTPC as a console for your steam games, you may wish to allow streaming to other devices within the same network (for example running triple A titles via Remote Play on a handheld device).

By default, Steam attempts to use hardware encoding for this feature. This may have bugs on newer hardware and/or proprietary drivers. One example is that on a test system I had, it would hard-crash if I tried anything from the client side that was more than 720p. If this happens, if your system has a strong CPU you may instead want to try changing to use software rendering.

To do so, switch to desktop mode, then open Steam > Settings > Remote Play

Click the toggle for “Enable Advanced Host Options”

Disable these options:

“Dynamically adjust capture resolution to improve performance”
“Enable hardware encoding”

Now the next time you attempt to stream a game from this machine you should be able to use any client side resolution you want. Just keep in mind the higher the resolution, the more CPU intensive it will be. Likely for remote play you will want to keep the client resolution to 1080p

Server/HTPC/Nobara SteamDeck Edition side example:

Client/handheld/SteamDeck side example:


If you do NOT have the ‘Enable Advanced Host Options’ toggle it is likely you have steam running with the -steamdeck option. Close steam, open a terminal, and run ‘steam’.

There is an open bug report about this issue:


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