July 4, 2023

– Nobara SteamDeck edition is now available! This version of Nobara is designed like that of SteamOS, using KDE as the desktop environment. It will auto-start in “Deck Mode”, and you can swap to desktop and/or back to “deck mode” at any time. It should be compatible with Steam Deck and other similar devices. Personally I have only tested on Steam Deck, GPD Win 4, GPD Win Max 2. I do not own an ROG Ally so I was not able to test on it.

– swapping between deck mode and desktop mode would crash after a few times
– steam deck and steam controller trackpad would no longer move mouse cursor when steam was opened under wayland
– Audio now properly swaps between headphone jack and speakers when plugged in or removed
– panel rotates horizontally and properly scales on steam deck now
– for non-steam deck displays scaling on the default display panel is set to 1.5 for better visibility (for example the GPD Win 4 has a tiny screen but it’s full 1080p and hard to read at 1x)
– sd card reader works as expected on steam deck
– TDP adjustment works