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Configuring DaVinci Resolve with AMD GPUs

Great news! DaVinci Resolve -finally- works without any AMD proprietary drivers required!

> First, download


> Open a terminal and navigate to the folder containing the download:

cd ~/Downloads

> unzip it:

unzip DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_*.zip

> install it:

./DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_18.0.1_Linux.run -i

And that’s it! Now you can run DaVinci Resolve on your AMD hardware.


It’s been reported that some users may need to install the following additional packages for DR to run: mesa-libOpenCL, apr, and apr-util. We have updated the current Nobara 38 ISOs to install these automatically.

Please note that DaVinci Resolve does not have the ability to encode video on AMD GPU hardware. The H264 and H265 encode options are only available on Nvidia hardware and only in the Studio version.

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