August 21 2022

-Removed some unnecessary rocm packages from the ISOs
-Blender is now packaged with full CUDA and HIP support, as well as the required rendering kernels to do so. It is able to be used on a fresh install now with no extra configurations needed (except Nvidia drivers if you’re on Nvidia)
-Nvidia installer has been updated, is much more verbose now and validates the nvidia module is loaded before prompting for a reboot.
-Negativo17 nvidia drivers are now used instead of rpmfusion.
-verified libreoffice is actually removed from the ISOs now and not pulled in as a dependency

August 19 2022

– fixed broken rocm-hip envvar
– fixed inverted colors in obs-gamecapture for opengl
– fixed libreoffice packages still being added to the ISOs (was caused by a group inclusion)
– added updated vapoursynth package
– fixed optional recommended packages from rocm-hip being pulled in on ISOs

August 18 2022


  • rocm-opencl added — Allows Davinci Resolve to work on a clean install (Thank you Cosmo for all the ROCM work!!!)
  • als-plugins-pulseaudio added — Fixes 1 second audio delay in Davinci Resolve
  • rocm-hip packages added — Allows Blender to work with GPU rendering on AMD on clean install (Thank you Cosmo for all the ROCM work!!!)
  • latest Blender alpha compiled with HIP support — tested HIP GPU rendering works but may crash on first try (it is an alpha)
  • default office suite changed from LibreOffice to OnlyOffice for better template compatibility and cloud service support (Thanks to The Linux Experiment on YT and Kassin from DXVK Discord)
  • removed qgnomeplatform theme packages (they were breaking OBS and other QT package theming:
  • qt5ct added, appmenu-qt5 removed from GNOME and Official builds for more theming compatibility (Thanks Cosmo)
  • fixed broken shim that was causing ISO USB boot failures on some older systems (
  • Removed the nautilus-terminal plugin from Official iso because it has a problem with crashing when toggling show hidden files
  • OBS theming is completely fixed now
  • OBS gstreamer plugin now supports device choice for VAAPI encoder if you have multiple VAAPI gpu devices (such as amd/amd laptop or intel/amd desktop)
  • xwayland patched with vsync fps limit bug fix: (
  • lutris updated to latest release

August 7 2022

  • fixed issue with dracut /sbin/sysctl no such file or directory being reported before live iso boot. gnome-boxes and nfs-utils have been removed from the official and gnome ISOs. gnome-boxes requires nfs-utils. nfs-utils was causing the dracut issue, so both have been removed from the isos. They can always be installed by the user afterwards.
  • KDE ISO display corruption issue noted here has been resolved
  • Issue with nobara repository gpg keys noted here resolved. keys are now packaged as part of the installation. Users shouldn’t get spammed to allow gpg keys upon first updates
  • all ISOs will now automatically open the installer upon live boot

July 25 2022

– Official: Dash to panel: move the date menu one to the right so it is at the end of the taskbar.
– Official: Dash to panel: tray item padding changed to 6px.
– Official: Dash to panel: the taskbar size reduced to 43px.
– Official: Arc menu: menu icon reduced to 29px to fit new taskbar size and fix blurryness
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: enable sort folders before files by default
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: enable create link by default
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: icon zoom default changed to 50%, most distros do this.
– Official + Gnome: Nautilus: “Text File” template created for all users at /home/username/Templates/. This enables the option for right click->New Document->Text File
– Official: Clipboard History: Clipboard History extension installed by default.
– Official: Clipboard History: for privacy reasons, private mode enabled by default, this means it wont copy anything unless privacy mode is turned off, however there will still be an icon in the taskbar which makes it easy to enable.
– Official + Gnome: Also adw-gtk3 is installed but was not being used by default. This has been fixed
– Official + Gnome + KDE: Fedora wallpaper packages removed so Gnome and KDE will use their respective defaults. (Official uses Gnome).
– Official + Gnome + KDE: plasma-breeze packages installed on all ISOs because Kdenlive needs it in order to not look like a potato.
– Official + Gnome + KDE: gstreamer1-vaapi package added for compatibility with obs-gstreamer-vaapi plugin. (plugin will soon be added to our OBS build by default)

July 20 2022

– Fixed issue with kdenlive not rendering properly (caused due to upstream mesa-git)
– Fixed issue with dnf copr enable not working properly
– Remove fedora branding from KDE build

July 19 2022

– Remove most of the Fedora branding from installer, plymouth bootloader screen, /etc/os-release/ gnome about, and various other places
– Installer now defaults to using LVM instead of Btrfs (Btrfs is still available as an option).
– Mouse acceleration disabled by default in Nobara Official build
– gtk-hint-font-metrics=1 set for GNOME and Nobara Official builds to fix blurry font issue:
– Dash to panel mouse click action changed to toggle single/preview multiple in Nobara Official
– adw-gtk3 installed on all builds so gtk3 apps look like they are using libadwaita and all apps look the same.
– windows pre-configured to appear in the center of the screen by default in Nobara Official build
– Dash to panel indicator style for focused apps changed to dashes and unfocused apps to squares for cleaner cosmetic look in Nobara Official
– Arc Menu button size increased to match other icons in Nobara Official
– Nautilus terminal configured to not show by default in GNOME and Official builds, can be toggled show/hide with F4.
– Fixed nvidia hardware check so it should no longer come up during live install.
– Added inkscape to all builds to allow .svg file editing
– Added Gnome Tweaks to GNOME and Official builds
– Added setroubleshootd for better selinux resolutions to be provided should an selinux related denial occur.
– Added missing gnome-icon-theme to GNOME and Official builds
– Added vulkan-tools to all builds to allow OOTB vulkan testing and detection scripts (such as vkcube)
– Swapped to pavucontrol instead of -qt to resolve some graphical glitches within the application
– Removed ugly colorwheel loader image from yumex-dnf

July 13 2022

– fixed issue with obs-gamecapture 64 bit package missing
– add gnome-icon-theme package to gnome and official builds
– add extension to enable desktop icons on official build
– add extension for per-application volume management in taskbar
– add libunity for discord notifications in KDE
– add language manager
– add vulkan-tools as a default package (used by various internal tools)

July 10 2022

  • PopOS shell tiling window manager added to official build gnome extensions
  • Official WineHQ wine packages have now replaced Fedora’s packages
  • gnome-extension-manager added to GNOME and official builds, replaces gnome-extensions-app
  • gnome-shell patched to allow extension automatic updates from gnome-extension-manager without relying on gnome-extensions-app
  • xone and xpadneo drivers are no longer shipped by default. Instead they have been replaced by the ‘nobara-controller-config’ manager which allows the user to choose installation/removal
  • selinux is no longer disabled — it is now set to permissive mode. This allows it to actively log issues without blocking anything